YACHTFOLIO Application (Charter)

Non-refundable Administration Fee for YF Application:
2,500 euros (+ 20% VAT if applicable)
Non-refundable Administration Fee for significant amendments to Subscription arrangements:
1,000 euros (+ 20% VAT if applicable)

Retail Broker access (Level 0):
provides access to the system but does not permit the public listing of yachts
Central Agent access (Levels 1-4 A):
provides full access to the system including the listing of Central Agency Yachts (numbers determined by the Level)
Central Agent access only (Levels 1-4 B):
provides access to the Subscriber Firm’s Central Agency yachts only and does not permit Retail Broker access

YACHTFOLIO Subscription Fees (Charter)

Prices are in Euro and excluding 20% French VAT, which will be charged if applicable
Per Semester (period invoiced) Per Semester (period invoiced)
Retail Broker Level
Level 0 (view only) 858 515
Central Agent Levels
Level 1 (Listing of 1 to 5 yachts) 1749 1049
Level 2 (Listing of 6 to 15 yachts) 3036 1822
Level 3 (Listing of 16 to 20 yachts) 4356 2614
Level 4 (Listing of 21 yachts and over) 5940 3564

Yacht Listing Appeal Fee - for any yacht that is not approved by the Company the Central Agency/Agent has a right to appeal the decision. A Euro 1000 fee will be payable in advance of any appeal being considered, such fee to be repaid in full should the original decision be overturned.